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  • Sharon Salzberg

    Sharon Salzberg

    Sharon Salzberg is a central figure in the field of meditation, a world-renowned teacher and New York Times bestselling author. www.SharonSalzberg.com

  • James Bridle

    James Bridle

    Writer and Artist. http://jamesbridle.com

  • N Shackleton-Jones

    N Shackleton-Jones

    Almost inaudible. Largely posthumous. My views, not PA's. Author of 'A Preliminary Explanation of Learning...' http://bit.ly/1GaS8DW

  • Indie Business Network

    Indie Business Network

    We help Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs sell more products and have more fun. Join our free Facebook group http://facebook.com/groups/MakerMastermind

  • Audiense


    Audiense delivers unique consumer insight & engagement, helping organisations grow by identifying, understanding & connecting with highly granular audiences.

  • Kirsty Spraggon β€” Speaker

    Kirsty Spraggon β€” Speaker

    TruthTeller, TEDx Speaker, Author, Talkshow Host. Inspiring others to find their way to #healing & ascension #traumainformed πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ¦‹πŸ‘‘ KirstyTV dot com

  • Neil Matthews

    Neil Matthews

  • Claudia Solorzano

    Claudia Solorzano

    β€œAn original is hard to find, but easy to recognize. Express your AUTHENTIC self at every opportunity.β€œ ~unknown~

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