5 Core Values & 3 Strategies To Leverage Your Own

At Box of Crayons, we help organizations transform from advice-driven to curiosity-led. We do our best to stay true to our values and incorporate them into our work each and every day. Our five values are:


Inquire and interrogate. Humility fosters learning. Failure promotes innovation.
Great questions even over good answers.


Share authentically. Assume positive intent. Meet others where they are.
Engagement even over excellence.


Aim for precision and simplicity. Navigate ambiguity with grace. Good design matters.
Process even over outcomes.


Take courage and challenge directly. Clarify and communicate expectations up front. Follow through.
Real understanding even over presumed harmony.


Support individual growth. Promote human flourishing. Regenerate what you take.
Embrace the long view even over chasing quick wins.

Today, we’d like to share a blog from Dr. Chantal Thorn, Director of Program Development, who speaks to the importance of defining your values as a step to greater authenticity.


Values Schmalues?

Ugh. I know. Do we have to talk about values? But stay with me. I want to delve a little deeper into some of the constructs that help us to understand that “icky” feeling we either immediately or inevitably experience when we don’t behave authentically.

Let’s cover two things: Values and Cognitive Dissonance. And then we’ll wrap it up by exploring how the two work together during our moments of inauthenticity to wreak havoc on our energy and happiness.


Values are the things you believe to be important in the way that you live your life. They’re fundamental beliefs that should (hint, hint) guide your priority setting: what you do and don’t do, for example. And whether you’re consciously aware of your values or not, they are there. The way they interact with your behaviours impacts your level of happiness. And so, spending some time defining your values is an important step to greater authenticity.



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Box of Crayons

Box of Crayons helps organizations transform from advice-driven to curiosity-led.